Fun fact…

Sep 25, 2022

His new bride is a retired porn star. I think it’s known but figured I’d share for your followers. Google is your friend ?

allegedly from


  1. Jersey Girl

    That explains the wedding dress ?

  2. Jims4thwife

    Ahhh it’s true I just googled it….Maybe this 4th marriage will work out after all ?

  3. JimEdBeCreepy

    Welp, guess we know how she secured THAT bag…?

  4. Amber W

    He probably thinks it’s something to brag about.

  5. Meghan


    Megan’s ex?

  6. Jim sucks

    Didn’t she have a threesome with Meg and Jim when they were still married?

  7. Eat A Dick, Not A Twinkie, Karen

    The judgmental comments about sex work from these couch monsters are unsurprising.

  8. Over these stupid comments

    Sex work?? Since when did filming yourself being a skank become a job? It’s a choice to lower yourself to porn? You get paid $$$ to show your pusssy to the world and you think you deserve respect? Please, it’s called being money hungry and stooping to the lowest level to obtain it. Respect yourself, there’s more reward to that!

  9. Grow up

    Wow. I mean educate yourself a bit. You honestly sound jealous being this pressed over??? You don’t do sex work for a living great good for you. Doesn’t mean women who want to or have to are below you. Remember Jesus said love prostitutes so chill holier than thou smh

  10. Kaygee

    I don’t like Jim but who cares if his new wife did porn? This feels like a bitter take coming from MKE camp.

  11. Anon

    Lol all the hookers on here need to relax being so offended. If you are a skank for a living, own it ??‍♀️

  12. Grow up

    Who cares… So, this somehow makes her a bad person? Get a life everyone. I may not like him and I know nothing about her TBH, but to judge someone based on a choice they made years ago is so petty and childish.

    You all need to grow the f up

  13. No

    The comments in here are disgusting but unsurprising


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