A little background…

Sep 25, 2022

So a little background on DWTS, really any celebrity competition show, often the time they’re on is dictated by schedule. So when they have to leave for their next commitment, they get “voted off”. Think of Tinashe who could easily have won, getting voted off for a good dance and suspiciously just when she had to report for Rent.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Mimi

    I don’t think Tinashe was famous enough to stay long on the show. The fan vote definitely has weight. Look at someone like Bobby Bones. The guy never had one good dance and won!

  2. Chele

    Or you’re just stiff and awkward

  3. True Tea

    Same with Kenya. She conveniently got voted off right as she was due to start filming for RHOA

  4. Jessica Sullivan

    You mean these shows are rigged?!!!

    Well I never ?

    I mean, some random group from China or Taiwan or wherever won Americas Got Talent. Yet no one I know thought twice about the group.

    Rigged you tell me? Rigged? Aw hell ya. It’s rigged.


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