Nueva bebe!

Sep 24, 2022

From: New Baby

Subject: Nueva bebe!

Spill It to
Felicidades are in order for the well known family! Lots and lots of kids. Wondering why mama was open about a surrogate for one child but not this one? Seems odd. Either way Felicidades!

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  1. LC

    Hilaria Baldwin

  2. Hilary

    She fully acted as though she carried and delivered this one. it the real crime is calling it ILARIA!!!!! It has to carry that fake, scandalised name for its lifetime!!!

  3. Nosey nosey

    This is the only pregnancy where she didn’t pose in her underwear(I just went and looked) but the hospital pic for this one you can see she has an iv in her hand so idk

  4. Psycho Pepinos

    If you go to the Reddit page that snarks on her, her detractors are not mentally stable people. It’s straight up bullying and harassment at this point.

  5. How you say…

    I feel bad that majority thinks everything she does now is a lie…however she kiiinda set herself up for this so ??‍♀️

  6. Huh

    This literally makes no sense bc she has posts with a baby bump on IG.


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