Divorce is taking forever…

Sep 24, 2022

From: Peach Please
Email: peachplz@bravo.com

Subject: Divorce taking forever

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The reason this peach’s divorce is taking forever is because the husband claimed his restaurant business was hurt by the way he was portrayed on the show, he’s seeking % of her house and her haircare business to make up for his loss, the peach wouldn’t agree to it so it will be stand still forever

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  1. Lindsay

    Kenya & Marc. What a loser he is.

  2. Karen

    If he was a good guy, the free promotion on the show would have gained him business. This continues to prove how awful he is.

  3. Brittney


  4. Boo

    Kenya ?? Her ex is such scum. He ruined his own image, she tried so hard to protect him and his portrayal.

  5. Kristen

    Marc’s SoCo restaurant was overrun with rats in 2020. Multiple health code violations..

  6. Mark suck

    Mark hurt his business all by himself for being a gaslighting a*s!!

  7. Drizzu

    No “portrayal” it gave what he gave which was a huge controlling a$$hole. Kenya is no saint but she didn’t deserve how he treated her.

  8. BL

    I’m with Kenya – I wouldn’t agree to that, either! This is why I think you should never rush into marriage – ya need to be 100% certain of who it is you are attaching yourself to. I really feel bad for her, it could be a long while before this is resolved.

  9. Lo

    What an asshat. He was barely on the show 1 and 2 how are you more concerned about money than seeing your daughter?! Proves he’s a worthless, piece of trash. Kenya and Brooklynn are better off without him. Karma will get him.

  10. Soph

    What a pathetic little man Marc is. Any one who rides on the coattails if their ex is pitiful

  11. Lawyer from DC

    Her house is not marital property; she owned it prior to the marriage and he never lived there. He’s not entitled to any of the hair care business if she started it after the filing of the divorce action (I’m not sure the dates here). The date of filing is the cut off for finances and including that in the divorce action. I have a feeling their stuck on child support; they might have a custody agreement, but people HATE paying support, particularly if one spouse makes more (which regardless of income, you’re still entitled to some child support based on how much time with the child you have).

  12. Kenya Knew He Was Trash

    Kenya knew what she was getting into and didn’t care. She chose this mess despite all the red flags. Like attracts like


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