About that basketball scandal…

Sep 24, 2022

Anon. there’s been an ongoing
investigation & this 1 affair is just the tip of the iceberg.

Possible 2 women, 1 wife of VP
finance. He was warned and sent
texts to 1 that blew it up.

something about one of
the other women not wanting it, but
that seems more like her walking back
an embarrassing mistake. supposed
to be more info coming out soon

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Cmon now

    Brett Farve stole $5 million dollars from a welfare program in the poorest state in this country so that he could build a frickin volleyball court for his daughters college…. That is the real scandal in the sports world and should be talked about way more than this lil cheating bs

  2. Something About Mary

    100% agree the Brett Favre scandal should be getting way more media attention. Cheating on Nia Long is unforgivable but a millionaire working with the government to steal money from a welfare program is inhumane.

  3. Brett F stole millions


  4. Not a Packer

    But this is a gossip page? Go to a news/sports page to rant about that

  5. Dear god

    Lol… they say on a “basketball scandal” post

  6. Read more than just a headline

    Brett Favre didn’t steal anything. He didn’t receive any money from welfare. He never touched the money. The issue is the massive welfare fraud that was being perpetrated by the elected officials gross misuse of state welfare funds. Y’all are wild, but the shocking revelation is that he didn’t play basketball so why is he being talked about on a basketball blind

  7. Brett F did steal

    Yes Brett Favre did steal money lol. There are texts to prove it.

  8. Boston

    Celtics Basketball coach

  9. BleedGreen

    No more information necessary. He was one year 1st season coach. Players and fans were in great mood! Next.

  10. Sandy

    This is about the Celtics basketball coach.

    The two affairs are one with a board member’s wife and another with a woman who works for the Celtics in PR or something. Both women were married, affairs were consensual. They said he violated “code of conduct” but it’s really the board member going after him.

    I guess basketball players or owners don’t get the same consequence for any consensual affairs ??‍♀️


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