Still filed…

Sep 23, 2022

From a source:

The former OC a house husband has not filed for a dismissal of the divorce from his second wife, at least not of court records on 9/22. Is his second wife lying about this or is he? Toxic isn’t the word.


  1. Former family law paralegal

    If he’s smart he’ll keep that on the books so he doesn’t have to re-file six months down the road…

  2. Enema

    David Beador

  3. Amanda

    I hope he follows through with it. She needs to eat a big plate of s**t for thinking she won something by marrying him in the first place. She needs a major dose of reality & the reality us..he gets bored & cheats on his wives. Why does she think this marriage is any different?

  4. David

    Lose them how you got them.

  5. Mimi

    She’s not the one he cheated with.


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