Daddy issues…

Sep 23, 2022

The former Househusband, retired MLB player who’s getting married this weekend in Italy… his daughter won’t be there. There are issues between her and his soon to be 5th ex wife.

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  1. L

    Jim Edmonds, Hayley & Kortnie O connor

  2. Men ….

    Red flag on the fact this is the fifth notice men get away with racking up the spouses but a woman so much as thinks about marriage again after one didn’t work and everyone swarms

  3. Llama

    Soon to be ex ?? it’s funny cause it’s true.

  4. The kings are the worst

    His daughter is going to the wedding of his and Meghan’s nanny… the girl is her own age and has been in her life longer that kortnie so I understand going to her wedding instead. ESP bc it’s her dads 5th!!?

  5. Meg

    4th* soon to be ex wife. But him , Hayley Kortnie got into a fight awhile ago and haven’t been “cozy” since. Hayley couldn’t get along with Meg and now Kortnie after she raved about K. Maybe it’s a Hayley problem?

  6. Spoiled brat

    Hayley must be the problem.

  7. Talk to me in 5 years

    I don’t think it’s Jim’s daughter’s fault at all. Jim is a narcissist and probably talked shit about his kids to his many wives. I say it’s Jim who is the problem, not his daughter Hailey


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