Sep 22, 2022

From: Oh please

Subject: Planted

Spill It to

This west coast housewife planted the story about wanting 2 million next season. If she isn’t back next year everyone can say she wanted too much money instead of she was cut. She’s not leaving the show over that, she makes almost a million (roughly 800k) why would she leave that?


  1. Let’s talk about the husband


  2. Manny

    Rinna-What she’s doing has been obvious from the beginning. She’s setting herself up to look like she is walking away if they give her the axe. I’ve said it from the beginning. It also doesn’t make her look pathetic of they come back later and she jumps back on the wagon.

  3. Bye bye Rinna

    I saw this coming from a mile away

  4. Titsmcgee

    Rinna trying to control the narrative again. Bitch we know you were fired for your vile, unhinged behavior displayed everywhere online. time to put your phone down and enter a nursing home

  5. Jane

    Big Lips. She’s a bigger turd than the Depends she used to sell could carry.

  6. Jess

    I instantly knew she planted that story when I saw it. Rinna actually thinks we don’t see through her BS and it’s hilarious

  7. Big lips

    I really feel like she will leave and maybe come back as a friend of or come back in a few seasons. If she asks for $2M and doesn’t get it she can honestly say she wasn’t fired but just couldn’t negotiate a good deal leaving the door open to come back later.


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