Pop star telling the truth?!

Sep 21, 2022

My friends friend is bffs with S.m and apparently she and AL never slept together. But they texted / sexted about a year texting never hooked up, they never even met up. Keep me anonymous plz!


  1. CocktailLover

    Still an affair. If he said I never had sex with her, that could be the truth. Sexting is cheating and doing it for a year is most definitely an affair.

  2. Melissa

    Considering the DM says she is hotter in person they had to have at least met you would assume

  3. cheater cheater

    Didn’t he say she’s even hotter in person? How does he know if they never met?

  4. Sam

    It says right in their dm exchange they met in person. Idk what idiot keeps doubling down on this when it’s in text. From him!

  5. OhPuhlease

    But the messages she shared said “you’re 50 times hotter in person” sooo this doesn’t track

  6. Jk

    Sumner’s IG following has SKYROCKETED (obviously) so while I’m sure AL was being shady, I feel like she totally did this for her own benefit.

  7. still wrong

    Honestly, imo an emotional affair is worse because you’re invested in the person as a person and because you care rather than just a random hook up these means nothing

  8. He had an affair dummy

    Apart from he says to her how she is hotter in person. Who is sending these fake blinds in from his team – they don’t even track against her own text messages from him.
    Now lots of other women are coming forward and he is still such an ego manic, he thinks he can manipulate the narrative by paying people to send in this fake rubbish

  9. Maroon 5 sucks

    He’s a dirtbag for cheating, but any woman hooking up/talking to a married man is just as much a DB.

  10. Nope

    I don’t buy it. This guy is RICH honey. His people can book her a ticket anytime anywhere. He travels on tour. Come on! A yr of sexting?? Sure Jan!

  11. And?

    Sexting is still an affair.

  12. M

    The ho leaked this story. No one was going to the tabloids with it. Skanky horse-faced ho-bag

  13. Know your worth

    That’s an affair


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