Crocodile tears?

Sep 21, 2022

I used to be so supportive of her, it really used to bother me when English people criticized her. But then, she had a meeting with G***** S******* and her team was all about her coming at the hotel, making sure she had a secluded area and you know how exaggerated assistants are. I had to welcome her and take her to her table, I was so excited and beyond, I walked her and when sitting her i said: “Oh you are so beautiful”, she was like Ugh thanks. She’s very nice and charismatic when there are cameras. She’s not at all once the cameras aren’t on her. And finally her tears at the funeral are not genuine at all. ?


  1. AlsoOnce a Fan

    I knew it!

    Also, she said such terrible things about that family to anyone that would listen whether it was Oprah publicly or through the sympathetic journalist who wrote the book about them wanting to leave, and they seem surprised that the family & the public don’t like them.

  2. Hans

    Megan Markle of course

  3. L stephens

    She is just awful. I don’t know why people haven’t seen through this. I feel sorry for Harry. He missed saying goodbye to QE. He looks so sad & she’s so bad for him. Sad.

  4. Kristin

    Assuming it’s Megan but why is the G S harder for me to figure out?

  5. Rose wood

    GS – Gloria Steinem

    MM is awful. Even harry talking about leaving the royal family to breaking “generational trauma” was an idea that he said he learned from her. It makes no sense that a family would welcome her, pay for a wedding and Charles would walk her down the aisle to then have an issue with their kids. She comes across as incredibly manipulative

  6. Karly

    Gloria Steinem?

  7. Curious

    Well there is a tv interview of her when she was a working actress where she says she is so good at crying on cue.

    But is the GS – Gwen Stefani? Too many stars in the first name but who else could it be? I did hear talks about her wanting to start a makeup line. Gordon Sumner? Sting teaching her tantric yoga? I’m confused.

  8. Melissa

    Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem. I am happy the public is finally realizing that she is bad
    for Harry. She will always act like a victim to get what she wants, and she is only out for herself. I hope Harry will return to the UK with the kids and the royal family can embrace him.

  9. Megan sucks

    She’s always been about herself! She orchestrated the relationship with Harry from the beginning. She sent texts and emails to connected British “friends” saying “hey can you set me up? I’ve got a thing for English guys” Piers Morgan said this in an interview years ago while they were just dating. She acted like his friend, went for drinks and never spoke to him again as soon as the right person introduced her to Harry. It was all orchestrated by her! And then she says she never knew who Harry was! She’s fake and all her emotions are all an act… She is using Harry and the BRF name for her personal gain

  10. Hmm

    Ok, going to play devil’s advocate here…

    but are we assuming her tears weren’t real at the funeral because she brushed off a comment and wasn’t very lively?

    I’m no Megan apologist because while her feelings are valid I don’t know if there was any need to do an interview with a very public figure, but this seems reaching.

  11. Comment

    I went to high school with MM. Even 20+ years ago she was a bright light, incredibly kind & compassionate. That’s who she’s always been. Anyone who has ever truly crossed paths with her will tell you that.

  12. Titsmcgee

    Markle. Always knew this about her. Shes only ever wanted the cameras. She’s pathetic. And if anyone thinks she wants this quaint little Hollywood life, you’re delusional

  13. The water works

    Lol! The scrutiny this woman is under ? she didn’t take a compliment well from a rando and now she couldn’t possibly be sad for her husband and his family? Relax folks!

  14. Hhh

    Completely true. She is not nice. Everything said in that interview was twisted to the max. She truly thought she would of been the star in the family. She quickly learned otherwise.

  15. Just another service staff

    Fwiw i know people who served her regularly when she lived in Toronto filming suits. She was very kind, super low maintenance remembered people at the local coffee shop. Her life has changed immensely since then I guess.

  16. Heidi

    She’s alienated her own family and now her husbands, and alienated HIM from his family! Seems like a typical abuser!

  17. Wallis Simpson

    I use to feel bad for Megan because of her weird family but she is calculated and awful. Also her acting sucks! On tv and off. I’m shocked how she’s has fooled so many people in thinking she’s a victim.

  18. Altunia

    Definitely don’t believe this either the people in the comments are delusional treated her nice the family’s been showing her micro aggressions since the beginning. And bad for Harry he seems the happiest he’s been in years. It seems like people get mad because he found true happiness and MM got him out the toxic environment he was born into. Imagine you falling in love and your family treating the person you love like shit because they borderline racist. Shit we all heard the stories about King Chuck ? . . . not believing it

  19. Oh, Sweetie

    Wow, these comments.

    So she’s meeting with feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, and this person comments on her looks not her brains or accomplishments, what do you expect? Read the room, please.

    There are easily a half a dozen hit pieces on her a day in the Daily Mail. Consider what it might be like to live under that scrutiny and hatred and then take a step back and give her the benefit of the doubt.

  20. Rockandhardplace

    Wow. Never realized how many people commenting here actually know her to be able to comment like they have.

  21. Belzy

    It takes a particularly large set of balls to rock up and cry crocodile tears over an elderly woman who’s family and reputation you’ve systematically trashed ever since running away to Montecito.

    Cannot stand her.

  22. I said what I said

    All these commenters acting like they know her. SMH

  23. Haters

    Crazy how everyone speculates when it comes to other blinds. However, people comment like things are facts and they personally know the couple when it comes to them. “Harry looks distant and sad. He’s not happy with M.” It’s an effing funeral and his grandmother passed. Regarding her family, I would drop my dad and step siblings too. They are awful. And you have problems if your family was that way and you continued to be with them. Hater Michelle Colins stated she knows M didn’t meet with the king on todays show. I’m like, how the eff do you know.

  24. Queen Consort

    I love the comments. I just want to say I’m a fan of Princess Katherine and can’t wait for her to be queen lol ?

  25. Nonjudgmental B

    Seriously LOLing at all the comments who “know” the real MM. Sounds like a lot of woman-hating boomers who hate her because they’re racist and believe the narrative that she’s the one who “stole” Harry from the royal family.

  26. Notahater

    Everything I have ever heard from people who actually KNOW her is that she’s so kind and quiet. The hate this woman gets is sad and we all know why she gets it.

  27. MLK

    The comments on this are pathetic. These people are no better than anyone else because they’re inbred colonizers. Extremely outdated institution. Charles isn’t special. Kate isn’t special. Harry isn’t special. They’re rich people who don’t pay taxes….pretty basic.

  28. Oh pls

    Oh come on. You sat her one time at a table and you know her tears aren’t genuine?! She’s an actress, but not a great one. Also, she’s a champion for womens rights – maybe compliment her and other women on something other than how they look.


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