Bad planner…

Sep 21, 2022

From: Party Planner

Subject: The worst!

Spill It to
She’s always MIA, doesn’t show up, doesn’t answer emails! And they’re spending a mill on the wedding. She did the same to another friend who’s family is worth in the billions, just trying to
screw them left right and center! She claims to be the best.. Not so much! One ended up dropping her and the other one is getting married this coming October so curious to see
what she puts together.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Sarah

    Guerdy from Miami. This is the second or third time someone has said she does bad business

  2. Kt


  3. Yasin

    Omg I hope this is not Guerdy because I love her and I do not want this to be true. As much as I love and respect her hustle, a part of me isn’t surprised.

  4. Virginia

    Guerdy from RHOM?

  5. Larsa’s implant

    Omg Gerdy!!!!

  6. Guess guess

    Is this guerdy from rhom?

  7. Paris Hilton

    Mindy Weiss??

  8. Here for the comments


  9. Michelle

    GUERDY?! Alexia did have issues with her, too.

  10. NotLisaRinna

    Obv MIA usually is missing in action but i really hope this isn’t also a clue to Guerdy from Miami. I would be so sad if she’s a fake ?

  11. AJ

    Totally Geurdy, I’ve heard this too!!

  12. Grain of Salt

    Hard for me to trust anything a bride says and especially a rich one. Manage your expectations. Large event planners aren’t available for your every whim they are making things happen. I’m sure this is stuff the bride should have filtered thru an assistant but chose not to bc they’re “special” and “unique” and rules don’t apply to them. Often time it’s the bride’s first large event but it’s certainly not Guerdy’s. I think her results speak for themselves. I wouldn’t be disparaging her business based on this nonsense.

  13. Danna

    I think it’s Guerdy. She was a great planner before the Housewives fame but I think she’s starting to lean too much into being a “celebrity” and her bread and butter is suffering because of it.


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