Why she won’t be at Bravocon…

Sep 20, 2022

Rinna didn’t get the bravocon invite bc she wants too much $$


  1. Too expensive

    I don’t know why it never occurred to me that they get paid for bravocon. I guess I thought it was part of promotional for the shows.

  2. Titsmcgee


  3. Austin is still a dbag

    I call bulls*it on this one

  4. karl

    hahaha i knew her excuse about her daughter in paris was a crock of shit

  5. Staysemour

    And the fans hate her.

  6. Tre Hugger

    She’s not worth half the money she think she is. Renewing contracts won’t go over well either if she keeps up this attitude

  7. WYKYK

    Her final attempt at a cash grab? Harry must make no money.

  8. Wanda

    Call BS on this tip. Rinna would never miss an opportunity to be on TV and would gladly go for free. Her invites to be on TV are few outside of HW

  9. BL

    Please, Rinna will take any pennies thrown her way and her broke-ass needs the money. This is because she knows everyone hates her.

  10. Doing Co*e in the bathroom

    Yeah right, and miss bravos main event? And every other bravoleb is ok with the pay they’re getting? Sure Jan

  11. K

    My thought was that she & Diana are not allowed to go until the NBC investigation of TrollGate is completed. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why she deleted all her housewives stuff on instagram.

  12. L

    That’s a really good point! I didn’t think of that. You’re probably right.

  13. Natalie

    I think they realise the reception she would get would be terrible. Because we all know Rinna would go to the opening of a packet of Depends!


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