Definitely not…

Sep 20, 2022

Anon please.

My good friends husband is ***** **** and has been touring with M***** 5 for over 10 years. She has expressed that AL and BP are NOT in an open relationship whatsoever. My friend joins her husband on tour occasionally (all the wives do) and this is definitely not something BP would be ok with & all the tour wives are shocked right now (even tho everyone else in the world saw this coming).

Also got this (there are a bunch who messaged they’ve hooked up w him)

My sisters good friend hooked up with
him one night, told me she went to their
room drank all their booze and banged
him, called him main maroon. I die.


  1. Pamela Des Barre's intern

    He is a touring musician. Who is shocked by infidelity?

  2. Bee

    I think most couples in hollywood are in open relationships…whether their spouse knows it or not is another.

  3. Aren’t there single people available?

    She seemed really happy that her friend slept with a married man. I’ll never understand how people can sleep with people they know are married ?

  4. Just threw up in my mouth

    Ew. ? the lot of it. Just EW.


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