VPR filming…

Sep 19, 2022

Hey hey! I was looking at the VPR post and saw people were asking some questions.

Stassi was not at SUR. Unsure if she was at the earlier sandwich event.

Raquel was at SUR. She was one of the first ones there, which leads me to believe maybe she wasn’t at/invited to the sandwich event? She was very nice/quiet, took pics with everyone who wanted.

Also, Guillermo is so incredibly good looking in person. Zaddy vibes. ??

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Maybe….

    Is raquelle interesting? She’s cute for sure……I’m curious is she has much to say. In past she’s been a baby sitter to badly behaved men/boys…..

  2. Not gonna last

    Sandwich’s don’t seem like an LA thing, good luck guys


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