It’s open…

Sep 19, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: It’s open

Spill It to
His wife has had many a wild night herself. I think it’s known amongst the crew they roll with that it’s an open relationship. Not sure if he’s Expected to behave while she’s pregnant or not though ??‍♀️

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  1. Pop

    Did anyone see their arch digest? She’s super controlling.. I doubt it?

  2. NYCgirl

    Adam Levine and his Behati (not sure how to spell her name)

  3. This love has taken its toll

    I don’t know any open marriages but I doubt *celebrities* who have open marriages would go the route of DMing Instagram models and risk their business getting outed in that trashy way. It’s embarrassment, open marriage or not.

  4. Sure Jan

    Sumner Skank definitely sent this in herself to justify this


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