Sep 19, 2022

Also they literally promoted specific buildings and sights to see in the show throughout the season… clearly planted by the tourism board/gov lol. I also hear they had control over where scenes were filmed which is why again they filmed in front of tourist attractions. Allegedly.


  1. Who Cares?

    So what?

  2. nope nope

    So when Beverly Hills shows the Hollywood sign it’s not promotion?

  3. ?

    How is that any different than other housewives shows? Literally every place they film in the US has to be vetted by producers, OK’d by the restaurant, and the city.

  4. Nope

    Obvs! UAE is totally controlled and controlling by its princes (and all their dislike of women, human rights etc)…..but hey… enough money to American TV channels and “wash” away all your bad behavior. Maybe they can have LIV golf meets RH. Trash to promote this country.

  5. European

    LIV golf is in Saudi Arabia, not UAE. ? How come so many do not know the difference between these two countries?


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