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Sep 18, 2022


Subject: RHOC S17 Info

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Tamra & Shannon fued main focal point of the season. Gina has a little bit of conflict with Taylor. Now that we’ll have Shannon’s ex David’s divorce that should bring some good moments….

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  1. OC Native

    This is really NOT what i wanted to see. I wanted Tamra and Shannon to bring the ice queen down a peg. Heather’s re-emergence was such a flop I couldn’t watch last season. OR, Heather, Tamra, and Shannon united and giving us old school OC fun. But definitely not…this.

  2. Nay

    Shannon holding Tamra accountable for all the backstabbing and image ruining she had to suffer at Tamra’s hands would give me life. Shannon should call me so I can give her a list of the ways and instances Tamra (successfully) tried to sabotage her and turn the audience against her.


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