A monster…

Sep 18, 2022

From: Cool Cat

Subject: Monster

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
What a monster this OC a housewife is. She brags and uses her “celebrity” to get things ahead of others. She moved her daughter into the dorms a day early and was bossing her staff around. She posted a photo of her wheeling a cart into the room but that was just for IG.

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  1. A sleepy bitch

    Fancy pants for sure!

  2. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon Shannon

  3. Mimi

    100% Heather. She posted both of her kids moving into their dorms. On her IG story she was acting like she was pushing a heavy crate, but it was obvious she didn’t push it all the way bc it was heavy and she wasn’t out of breath. Plus you could see 2 other people in the back looking annoyed ?

  4. Fancy

    Definitely snooty Heather Dubrow.

  5. Just say'n

    Comment *Heather . Shannon’s daughter is a sophomore and moving back to school in not a big deal anymore but Heather’s daughter Max just started college in Boston and heather posted pictures on her IG of decorating her kids rooms. She posted one yesterday with Max in Boston

  6. notabigdeal

    Ehh my mom paid to move me in early and we are not famous or rich

  7. AJ

    For sure snobby gross Heather Debrow. Please remind her she is not a celebrity, not nice, and has zero manners!

  8. Danielle

    Heather mentioned on her podcast that she was bringing her team of organizers to help the kids set up their rooms.

  9. Take a couple seats, Dubrow

    Ohhh fancy pants TAKE A SEAT boo boo! We here in Boston are all about respect— it’s earned. Don’t think for a second this city won’t be eat you alive if you try and pull that bullshit. California might be ok with the way you “allegedly” disrespect people “below” you (which MANY people have said is true).

    Keep your clown circus antics on the west coast, because we will NOT stand for disgusting entitlement and disrespect here.

  10. Calm Down Boston

    Easy there, not a fan of HD, have met her several times, but this post reeks of mass-hole superiority which is no better than the way she behaves.

  11. Ayyy

    Terry was at my work all day (I work in a restaurant) when fancy pants moved her in that day

  12. Oliva

    Her daughter is super entitled too. Writing a book just because she is bi like loads of other kids but they don’t have the privilege to write a book. She needs loads of attention and Heather and Terry are delighted to help her get it

  13. I got you, Beantown

    This has nothing to do with someone from MA and superiority. In fact, quite the opposite. You shot yourself in the foot when you used the term “mass-hole.” Maybe you calm down?

    I believe what the post was trying to say was that the superiority complex that HD has might make people elsewhere fall at her feet, but Boston isn’t the place they’ll do that.

    I would agree with the post- We LOVE Boston and people are not impressed by the outlandish, over the top, look at me type people.

    Leave Boston alone. Focus on the issue at hand

  14. ML

    There’s nothing wrong with her daughter writing a book. At least she’s using her privilege to relate and let other kids know they aren’t alone. What a ridiculous comment.

  15. DuBOO

    Everyone says Heathers such a B in real life. Ugh wish she was not on OC this year. I’ll forever watch the OG franchise but I don’t want to enable her ego lol

  16. Jk

    I second supporting Boston and not just because I live here.. Have you been here? It’s not about superiority, it’s because we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Not many people have respect for randos coming in and acting like they own the place – let’s be honest, no one likes to see that in any city.

    Mix in the end of summer/sunsets at 4 pm, cue the seasonal depression, the worst traffic in the US..

    By the way, Tufts is in Medford (Med-fuhd), not Boston.

    I am dying to know if that kid got a private dorm. I’ve never seen a freshman dorm large enough to fit that much shit..


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