Sep 17, 2022

So, this was for the finale, they filmed
last night first part was sandwiches and
then they all met at SUR after for a
dinner. Everyone was there except for
James and scheana and Brock
The sandwiches looked awesome

I was there last night. Currently
hungover AF but well worth it!


  1. Why

    So…. No juice??

  2. Sandwiches

    My problem with all these pics of the sandwiches is that they are tied with twine. Those fibers shed so easily and I just have to think that now it feels like eating an amazing sandwich with lots of tiny hairs. ?

  3. Suz

    No Scheana & Brock because….it wasn’t all about them? No excuse!

  4. Question

    Was stassi there?

  5. Linds

    Was Raquel there?!

  6. B

    I’m annoyed with all the raquel hate. The whole group has watched exes get with different people (many times from the group/friends). I realize Tom and Katie were married, but they’re not now. Who cares who he dates? Raquel and Katie rarely got along on the show anyway.


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