The newlyweds…

Sep 17, 2022

From: Hope she got a prenup

Subject: He didn’t pay the bill

Spill It to
Newlywed sighting at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire. My sister is in LA and went there for breakfast. They sat down after her. The bride was on the phone most of the time. When she hung up,he got up and went around the corner for a couple of minutes. She said it was brief but weird and that he was acting kind of shady. The bill comes so She goes looking for him around the corner, but doesn’t find him. She paid it. He reappears then they leave together. No PDA and barely made eye contact with each other. I have pics that I can send you via email.

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  1. jk

    Teresa deserves anything bad coming her way from this guy. Yeesh

  2. Jk

    Teresa ….

  3. Just say'n

    It seems like Louie has a lot of time on his hands for being mr Entrepreneur. You hardly ever saw joe giudice following Teresa around to all of the promotional obligations she has. I assume Joe was actually working. when does this guy work

  4. Just say'n

    Comment *When does this guy work. You rarely saw Joe Giudice following Teresa
    around to all of the promotional obligations she has

  5. Swindler and the Jersey housewife

    Very accurate Astrologist Based on her chart and his said she should have gotten a prenup..

  6. Juicy Joe

    Reminds me of that old episode of RHONJ when they were at a vineyard and Joe left the table to take a call…

  7. Over it

    Scheana and Brock

  8. Sheshu

    Definitely makes more sense than Teresa and Louie imo

  9. Lo

    I read this as Kyle and Amamda but can be so many. Schenna and Brock. Tre and Louie.

  10. Dumbasrocks

    Again putting a scumbag in her life when she has daughters. No respect for her

  11. karl

    tre and louie?? she was in la for dancing with the stars

  12. Michelle Dennee

    Why did I think Britney and Sam? That guy reeks mooch

  13. kristen

    Scheana and Brock for sure. It’s LA, she’s never off her phone and he’s a shaaady shady grifter


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