Red hot drama…

Sep 17, 2022

From: OC Angels

Subject: Red Hot Drama

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The OC is gearing up to having one amazing season. A certain doctors wife is having a real hard time with the cast this season, particularly her former bestie who recently returned to the show. The doctors wife and the shows current consecutive longest running housewife have became super close since the previous season and the long running vet is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to her former returnee bestie and her new BFF. These three housewives and a housewife who immigrated from another city have proved why they’ve been long running housewives as they carry this new season. The shows legal eagle has also secured her orange, the same can’t be said for her best friend. Whose likely going to be a friend of. The new Housewife has really been a turning point between the cast and Mrs Guinea Pig.

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  1. Just say'n

    Shannon and Heather are close Tamra and shannon are good but Heather and tamra are not. Emily is good and Taylor is bringing it. Gina as we figured is a bust. Just assuming this

  2. Barry Kudrow

    Absolutely dying at Dr. Larry Budrow ??????????

  3. No Mo EmHo!!

    There is nothing on this earth that would make me hire Emily for a single day, let alone another season… Infuriating!!

  4. Nay

    All of this sounds great to me. I can tolerate Gina if production is at least clowning her, and Emily needs to get some courage to venture out beyond the safety of the casita.


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