A wonderland!

Sep 17, 2022

From: Know Someone

Subject: Laguna is Wonderland

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Can 100% confirm our favorite blonde (the one with a new successful pod cast) is dating the controversial playboy (Who’s body is a Wonderland). It’s her weekend without kids so they are meeting up, and her team told her to post old posts to stories to make it look like she isn’t with him. This is a couple to keep up since Jana Kramer admitted to going on a date with him as well. Drama may ensue.

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  1. Lindsay

    KCav and John Mayer!? Yikes.

  2. He must have a golden peen

    Is this for real? She’s seems too smart to fall for this f-boy.

  3. Alana

    yikes then they both have poor taste in men because he’s a womanizer…

  4. Sue

    Meghan king and I have no idea

  5. Disappointed

    DONT DO IT KCav!!! Ughhh I know I know…you like the bad boys but C’MON!!! Not this bad boy. I love John Mayer but only for his music… not for the giant creep that he is.

  6. erin

    why is everyone acting like kristin is such a catch? tbh she and john kinda deserve each other… that being said, will probably only last a few weeks anyway.

  7. I am confused

    Wait! I thought John ended already?

  8. What are you even taking about?

    Are you judging her for how she was in high school on a semi-scripted reality show, or the woman she is now?

  9. John is an F boy

    It it’s John Mayer it will be short lived. He’s a perpetual playboy. I don’t seem him going long term with someone that has 3 kids. He’s just not that selfless.

  10. Julia

    I’m sorry, but KC is a downgrade for JM. He dated Katy Perry and now he’s going to date a reality tv star? No way!

  11. Polly Pocket

    Yes because we should definitely judge other people and who they date solely of their career choice. and not who they are as a person. What a irrelevant thing to say! Also, KCav knows exactly what she doing at all times. Womanizer or not, she’ll be fine.

  12. Drunken Goat

    Hoping she’s doing this busy to make Jay jealous. JM is NOT it honey


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