Sep 16, 2022

From: Just Say’n

Subject: OC Ex

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It’s now being reported that David Beador has filed for divorce from 2nd wife of 23 months Lesley. Shannon must have the biggest smile on her face For anyone who has dealt with a partner that is a serial cheater this is great. And it will hit him in his precious wallet.

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  1. Hk

    It also hits her and her children’s wallet… why would she be happy about that

  2. 3rd Mrs Beador

    I believe the younger girls are 18 so not much to fight for

  3. Alana

    I believe she got a lump sum and one if not all of her kids are 18.

  4. Not so juicy

    They had a prenup sooooo child support and that’s it. The three daughters are over 18 so no one outside of this marriage will feel the effects of this.


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