Wild guess…

Sep 15, 2022

Cocktailers… wild guess who this is about…

Talk about Wildin Out!


  1. Lo

    This guy is like a rat, just crawling all over women ?

  2. Mommyof3

    Just no. This is gross.

  3. Mikko

    Can I go with, WHO CARES, for five, Alex?

  4. Dontbealluncool

    Do all these women want to be single mothers? You know the coin isn’t there. Why would anyone procreate with him? How is he doing this with so many women? How does Mariah feel? I have so many emotions about this.

  5. Keep ya legs closed to fertile men

    Nick Cannon? He’s just raw dogging all these women. We hear about the babies, when are we going to hear about the STDs?

  6. Disgusting

    This guy is a pig, theirs no way he can be a dad to that many kid, the women are shameful too.

    • Mel

      I agree, it’s getting rather disgusting. No way can he be a good dad to so many kids especially when they all live with their different mothers

  7. Not yo baby mama

    Disgusting what he’s doing. It’s just a game to him now. Hiero chance he spends quality time with any of them.

  8. STDs

    Why do these women keep opening their legs to him?! Gross! And without protection. I know the man has like 10 jobs but there’s no way he can financially care for all these kids. None of these chicks better be applying for public assistance. && they all need an STD check – so nasty

  9. RealityTV-Yoda

    Maybe his master plan is to move them all into one home and make them sister wives in an all new reality show ??


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