Spotted hooking up!

Sep 15, 2022

From: Spotted Out

Subject: I saw them!!

Spill It to
B!!! I saw Raquel and Tom last night! They were at The Bayou in Weho. Fully making out. Like I know they hooked up but was crazy to see them together. All night!

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allegedly from


  1. Sketchy

    I don’t know that I believe this without proof. Where’s a pic?

    • Is it real? ?

      Agreed. Where’s the proof?! We’ve seen so much gossip, but no evidence.

  2. Katie

    Unpopular opinion-i like this couple!

  3. Drink some water girl

    *Rachelle* (in Amanda’s voice lol) must be stopped!!!!

  4. Not Raising Men

    Have fun raising a man child. This man is a waste of time unless you want to be his mom!

  5. BIL needs myob

    Oh brother.. he needs to get over it. They’re not married anymore. They can do whatever they want with whoever they want.


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