SLC spoilers…

Sep 14, 2022

What we’ll see first episode. Much of which has been posted here over the last few months???

Jen downsized her house. Meredith is friends with Jen again. Jen & Meredith chat about Lisa’s SEC filing & alleged infidelity. Heather is friends with Lisa. Whitney talks about leaving the church.

allegedly from


  1. Caroline

    Wait…what’s the Lisa SEC filing drama?

    • Sara

      Agree… what?!

  2. Little Girl

    Thought Whitney was kicked out of the church when she had the affair with her now husband?

  3. JP

    No way Lisa stepped out on her husband or vice versa. Whitney left the church, the whole premise of her original storyline, swinger and fiscal train wreck, she’s cringe.
    Side note BRAVO, no one wants to see housewives in S&M garb, leave that nasty crap out of your shows, don’t care if Kandi has a sex toy business etc. Not trying to watch grown women act like this. Keep it cute and classy, leave that crap for another network.
    Also, Jen Shah has been convicted of a terrible crime by admission. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LET GO IMMEDIATELY AFTER SHE PLEAD OUT.

  4. ICU

    Hi Lisa!


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