Unexpected feud….

Sep 12, 2022

From: Nicki Minaj

Subject: Unexpected Fued????

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Nicki Minaj was on her radio show earlier tonight and she had ALOT to say about Garcelle! Basically said Garcelle had Nicki’s alleged husbands r*pe victim on “The Real” and didn’t think about how that could affect Nicki’s son since it was all lies. & she said now Garcelle’s crying about her son on Instagram being attacked. Most unexpected fued by far. ?

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  1. Sam

    Feel zero percent sympathy for Nicki her son or her husband

    • Miss B

      I feel for her son but it has nothing to do with Garcelle

  2. Not a Barb

    Garcelle’s son is innocent, I thought nicki’s husband legitimately raped someone, like convicted and all. Those are the consequences of her husbands actions. I’m sure nickis son will hear about it a lot more than from a little cancelled daytime talk show…

    • H

      He was charged with and convicted of attempting to rape someone. Then he was sentenced to one year house arrest for failing to register as a sex offender after he moved. Soooo yeah VERY different situations.

      • Support the Survivor

        Did you read what happened ? Petty (the now husband) forced a 16 yr old at knife point into his house where he raped her. She has witnesses from the time (94) and all support her account of events. Her story hasn’t varied.

        Petty (the now husband) and his family harassed the 16 yr old victim/survivor and pressured her to recant….The downgraded charges were what he was convicted on – that doesn’t mean he didn’t sexually assault her. That’s what was prosecutable.

        Petty and Minaj recently Got pissy he didn’t have a clean record bc he’s a sick dude – and proceeded to try and pay off the woman off to change her story (like he tried in 94)

        F*ck them. That’s gross. She thankfully didn’t step down and has let us know what gross humans they are.

        Google the actual news. It’s gross

      • K

        That was Rihanna’s man who had 1 year house arrest (even though he’s out and about)

        • Jbu

          Nope. It was Nicki’s

  3. Cry, cry again

    Does Garcelle do the booking on the Real??

  4. ShutUpNicki

    Um that’s apples and oranges. The man is a convicted felon for rape charges. Does nicki not care for the victim? Rhetorical question.

  5. Mai

    Pretty sure the hosts don’t pick who comes on the show.

    • Give me a break

      It’s not “alleged”, he was convicted of attempted rape. And he’s now on house arrest for failing to notify authorities of his location after a move. Maybe Nicki shouldn’t have had a child with a convicted felon if she’s so worried about how it’ll affect their son.

    • No

      Nicki’s son wasn’t even mentioned on the Real, it was about her husband & his crime (he was convicted & served time for it). Garcelle’s son was targeted, from what I understand Nicki’s hasn’t been. But If Nicki’s is, it’s because of those who actually harass him, not because it was spoken about on a show. No sympathy for a rapist.

  6. Sit Down Nicki

    Maybe Nicki should stop enabling predators like her husband and son

  7. Kryssss

    Not only is he a rapist but he’s a pedo too….so take several seats Nicki

  8. Drizzu

    Nicki is taking shots at Garcelle because of an interview Garcelle did on her old she The Real. For those that don’t know Nicki Minaj’s husband did time behind bars and has to register as a convicted sex offender. The woman who brought a rape charge against him was interviewed by Garcelle and she sympathized with the accuser and it pissed Nicki off.

  9. Ayon

    Nicki is also the same woman who supported her brother while he was on trial for sexually assaulted a 11 year old girl. She’s scum and doesn’t care about victims. Her brother got sentenced to 25 years to life. Nicki is a terrible person.

  10. Cardi B

    Yeah totally the same thing, Nicki. FOH.

  11. Gigi

    Nicki with that big Erika Jayne energy…
    Girl have several seats…this isn’t a feud at all

  12. Nicki is TRASH

    Nicki is TRASH just like her CONVICTED RAPIST HUSBAND!!!! When are people going to wake up and stop acting like this woman is a god?! Let’s not forget about her brother too….she clearly has no compassion for rape victims, only wants sympathy for herself/her son. Bitch can kick rocks!

  13. Titsmcgee

    Nicki is TRASH for keeping that man around her son anyway. Please. He’s a rapist. He deserves every bit of it.

  14. Party w Cardi

    Nicki talks that shit then gets hit (Cardi) and then cries about it and loves talking about people’s kids.

    Shut up Barb, your family members are predators you, hack.

  15. Gphilly

    Maybe it was Nicki that bought the bots to go after Garcelle’s son but made it seem like someone else???

  16. Team Garcelle

    Last I read Garcelles son might have cheated on his wife, not even the same as Nikis convicted hubby.

  17. Shit up nicki

    Not the same. Not even close.

  18. Snake

    Her husband is a whole sex offender, nicki should have thought of that before she had a son with him. Secondly she acts like garcelle chose who would be on the real!

  19. Team Garcelle

    The hosts don’t book the guests. Or maybe your husband shouldn’t assault women.

  20. No Nicki

    Maybe Nicki shouldn’t have married a predator and had a child with him?!

  21. lol Kim forever

    Garcelle was doing her job!! You married a rapist, and got called out for it. Sit the fuck down Nikki!

  22. Shameful

    Nicki stick to defending Britney and THATS IT! Now you’ve lost the publics vote ??‍♀️

  23. Dana M

    It’s literally comparing apples to oranges. Nicki’s husband is a convicted sex offender who raped a young girl. Her son can’t be shielded from that as his Dad must register as an SO.Garcelle works for the real. They choose who they book, not her.


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