Trying to be amicable…

Sep 12, 2022

From a source:

Lisa and Lenny are having a crazy divorce BUT a they do not hate each other. Currently, they’re doing their best to be amicable for the kids. Morgan sent Lenny those flowers with the note “divorce looks good on you”. Thing is one thing Lenny and Lisa agree on is that they want nothing to do with Morgan. Allegedly!

allegedly from


  1. I’ve Been Here for Dayzzz Lisa

    So Lenny and Morgan are broken up?

    • Sara

      Who is Morgan?

    • nm

      Morgan is who he had an “emotional affair” with awhile back. His girlfriend is Katharina something.

    • Jlove

      They were never together. Morgan is the one mentioned on HWMiami re the “emotional affair” Lenny had years ago. She’s a sort of reality star too and model. Dated Philip Plein for a while too.

  2. Pep

    Morgan is thirsty – she is attractive and super duper skinny but a lot of her IG is her almost naked. It all seems super trashy and thirsty to be honest. Seems like she would have several sugar daddies

  3. Iui

    I think this was snark because lenny wouldn’t get a divorce for Morgan

  4. I hate it here

    Ever since Morgan was on Big Ang’s (RIP) show “Miami Monkey” back in the day, I despised her. She was a pretty girl though back then – she’s now completely deformed her face and looks nothing like how she did. I live in Miami and have met certain people that know her and her reputation is NO BUENO. Thirsty little wannabe rich girl who preys on wealthy men and purposely destroys families as if it’s a sick little game. Not saying the men are victims because Lenny (and countless others) knew what he was doing. Play with trash…you start stanking.

  5. Courtney

    Pretty sure she was on that reality show with Big Ang about her Miami bar

    • Megan

      You sound jealous and too invested babe. Worry about your face, I’m sure it’s nothing special just like this comment.

  6. Jenn

    She sounds too invested?! Take a look in the mirror, honey ??


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