Party city back in town!!

Sep 12, 2022


Subject: Party City back in town?

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Some #RHOA tea! All the ladies are coming back. Porsha is 100% coming back as FT next season. With Porsha comes Shamea, who is always a good friend and guest to have on the show. There is some talk about having Kim Zolciack back as a friend role, an OG always helps boost ratings. All of the ladies are in okay terms with Kim Zolciack except for Kandi and Kenya. Marlo and Sheree want to film some scenes with her since they have the most history

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  1. Where’s my B Box?

    KZB and her skanky, grifting, photoshopped self and crew? Yuck! Seems like Bravo likes to employ criminals.

    • Gossiptrash

      Totally agree. She and her daughters are awful

  2. Leigh

    Why does Bravo love the criminals so much? KZB is about to have to face the music with all these scam products she’s been selling and not delivering. People are coming out of the woodwork about how she’s stolen their money.

  3. Nene4E

    Damn I miss Nene

  4. SaltyKrap

    The only way Kim should come back is if Kenya calls her out for stealing from fans. The Biermanns should not be on tv

  5. Eyeroll

    Bring Kim back so Kenya can drag her bad wig back to 2009.

    • Drag that wig

      I’m all for this!

      • KimracistgrifterTHIEF@yahoo.con

        Wait just a minute!!!! Why would they bring back, even for a second, someone that has said on tv that “racism is not all that real”!!!! Is this a joke, it better be ?

  6. No Wig

    NOOOOO! KZB is a grifter and should not be on tv. She has stolen so much money from people who adore her (fools). Do NOT reward her with screen time!!

    • Wig

      I hope everyone who bought stuff from them call their cards and chargeback. That’s awful the Bierman’s are stealing from their fans

  7. Zolziack

    Well we all know Kim needs the money! Ken will for sure call her out, but she believes her own lies so I doubt that will go anywhere

  8. BigPoppaSaysNo

    Will not watch if they bring that skank back. Why does Bravo reward bad behavior. She’s a racist thief.

  9. Don't Need 'em

    I can do without Kim and don’t need Porch a back either

  10. WYKYK

    Kim needs the $$ bad…but would she let herself get filmed without filters?

  11. Bravoholic843

    Yeahhh def won’t be watching if Kim is being brought back. Bringing Porscha back is a stretch but she’s good tv, but Kim is just gross and a scammer.

  12. Rae

    This would make it better, in my opinion.

  13. IRS

    Well, at least we’ll possibly see Kim on camera when more of her legal woes get exposed.


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