They weren’t kissing up….

Sep 10, 2022

With her virtual it was easy for the ladies, who formerly kissed the ring, to let her take the heat. They know she’s gone and they certainly didn’t put their necks on line to help her. She’s seething. Allegedly.


  1. Alex

    Diana at RHOBH reunion

  2. Nana

    I would like to see her COVID test….

  3. Karma

    This actually makes me happy if true. It’s also not shocking.

  4. Carol

    They are just trying to save themselves…please let Andy be smart enough not to fall for it!

  5. Ermm

    I thought Hawaii had super strict Covid regulations still? So how is she there?

    • Nana

      Hhhmmmm… Hawaii the same as rest of the states? If coming domestically no requirements – if international arrival – you follow same rules as into US (do we have any right now?)


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