Sep 10, 2022

From: Honolulu Housewives
Email: realhousewives@honolulu.com

Subject: Bravo turns down Asian American franchise

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
A sizzle real was shot and sent to Bravo for an all Asian American housewives franchise set in Honolulu. There were real friendships, dynamic women, and diversity within the Asian American community. Bravo wants no parts in it.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (https://bravoandcocktails.com)


  1. I said what I said

    Bravo come on there’s more than these mainstream women who aren’t friends -go back to true links it’s better Salt Lake is what you get when people don’t know each other which is complete tiring insanity or have we forgotten the 87 episodes from season2

    • Kiki

      I agree!! I’m totally down for this! I think it would be amazing! Hawaii would be a beautiful show to watch! Boo bravo!!

    • Tired of drama

      I’m with you! So sick of Bravo promoting criminals and mean women … it sounds refreshing g to see friendships and kindness!

  2. Typical

    This sounds amazing!!! Wtf, bravo!

  3. Imagine the B roll footage

    This sounds so amazing! Hopefully someone else picks it up! Sounds lavish and beautiful!

  4. Jess

    I would love to see a show like this. Makes no sense why bravo wouldn’t be interested?

  5. Sarah

    That sounds good but I can see why Bravo has turned it down. The natives of Hawaii has constantly said they do not like all the tourism and foreigners coming. Bravo probably didn’t want to get backlash from the natives

  6. Me

    Budget probably had a lot to do too…Hawaii is NOT a cheap place to live! Housing/feeding a cast there would be way over typical expenses.

  7. HB

    If Bravo doesn’t start hiring people who are legitimate friends it will be the death to the Housewives franchise.

  8. Gem

    There is a lot of native hostility to anyone who is not from Hawaii so it doesn’t feel like a place to launch a franchise. There are plenty of places where there are real friendships and dynamic women but that are less hostile

  9. Krista

    Damn! Missed opportunity for sure.

  10. Are you there Netflix?

    I’m not surprised that Bravo turned it down. Maybe Netflix, Amazon/Freeve or Hulu will pick up the show. I’d love to see this.


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