She’s zooming in…

Sep 9, 2022

A friend is ———-and was there last night and this morning. She gave me scoop about the BH reunion!!!!

Diana will not be at the reunion in person! She’ll be zooming in!! Also they’re not doing a Brandi Redmond zoom setup, no giant screen, the viewers will just see her zoom screen pop up when she speaks.


  1. RHOD

    Brandi Redmond? Huh?

    • Kimber

      She had to zoom in because of Covid for the Dallas reunion. It was a huge screen and a huge flop.

    • …

      When Brandi couldn’t be at the reunion, they set up a large monitor with her on a chair. They’re saying that isn’t happening this time.

  2. Slithery

    That’s good! The giant screen was atrocious and ruined the aesthetic of the set, haha!


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