Flipping the script…

Sep 9, 2022

From: Anon Anon
Email: flip@bh.com

Subject: Flip the script!

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
She’s been on a full social media spiral. It won’t stop there. She’s flipping the script at the reunion. You may think you know who she’s going to come for but expect to be surprised. She’s going to capitalize on the audience turning on one of her force members. It’s her last shot at holding on!

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  1. Mari

    This blind though ?. Obviously Rinna! I keep seeing that one’s going to turn and based on their social media antics I didn’t think it was true. I mean she’s still coming after Kathy… I don’t think she’d ever turn on Erika but.. Is she coming for Kyle? ??

  2. Anon

    Rinna turning on Kyle?

  3. Titsmcgee

    Rinna no one likes you. Get off my screen. No one wants to see you do your diaper dance you old hag

    • LC


    • Lauren

      ????. Amazing

  4. Depends doesn’t pay like they used to

    Rinna, turning on Kyle

  5. Isla

    Desperate Rinna will go after Kyle

  6. Lauren

    Rinna for Kyle

  7. ItsJB

    Rinna is going after Kyle! Rinna is always looking out for herself and is never a good friend. She can turn on you if you don’t serve for her needs any longer. Happened with Denise. After that, I’ve never looked at her the same. Not surprised she’ll go after Kyle! But find it how weirdly loyal she is to EJ!

    • Starlight

      Rinna could turn on Dorit. She’s been playing up the middle and not a factor. A safe target.

  8. Desperate Housewife

    Rinna ?

  9. Bravo

    Rinna turning on Erika

  10. Own it

    Rinna reeks of desperation and jealousy. Barf.

  11. Bye Bye Rinna

    Rinna coming for Kyle. She better “leave the husband and kids” out of it like she’s always screeching about. I don’t want to hear any Mo rumors with all the ones about Harry Hamlin out there she won’t let be discussed

  12. No more Rinna

    I can’t wait to see what victim card Rinna is going to use and who she plans to throw under the bus. Diana not showing up also says all we need to know about her return.

  13. Gphilly

    Rinna would turn on her dead mother if it meant she would be asked back next year.

    • Fact

      ⬆️ THIS!!

  14. Leaky Blinders

    Rinna won’t turn on Erika. She, Dianna & EJ are the peaky blinders. Fox force is dead.

  15. Katie

    Rinna… Her turning on Kyle would be a really bad move.

    • Portia’s Hello Kitty Toaster

      Yeah. She’ll lose her adjacency to the Kardashians.

  16. Hey

    I think her best bet is going after Diana

  17. LastButNotLeast

    Well there’s only one sister left for Lisa to turn on and that’s Kyle sooooo….

  18. Slithery

    This is obviously talking about a Rinna and I believe she will turn in either Kyle or Dorit.

  19. She will never be a victim in my eyes.

    Rinna always said she’ll do anything for a buck. She’s definitely turning on Kyle. I want her off my screen but man I’d wish she would go down for whatever hold it is EJ has on her.


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