Dancing close to home…

Sep 9, 2022

From: Hey It’s Me

Subject: Dancing with the New Jersey Stars

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
She won’t be relocating to Los Angeles for Dancing with the Stars. She’ll be rehearsing the show from her home state, and flying out to LA each week for the big show.

Anything to stay close to him, he is allegedly very nervous about one of those infamous DWTS love affairs…

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  1. Wow

    This is absolutely pathetic, and not fair at all to her dance partner! So does this mean the partner is flying out to jersey and back to LA every week.
    If this is true, she will be gone very soon off the show. Just watch.

    • Table Flipper

      She won’t last anyway! Can you picture her dancing? Lol ?

    • NV

      Good, She should stay close to home, she’s practically been gone the whole month of August. School just started and their kids need them close by. Gabriella is going to be a Senior this year, lots going on!

    • Popped love bubble?

      I agree! I would not want to be partnered with her if it meant weekly cross country flights on top of their hectic rehearsing and filming schedule. And throw a crazy, jealous husband on top of it? I’d be out if I was the pro haha

  2. Jersey girl

    Or maybe because she has daughters still in high school?

  3. Vanessa


  4. Andy

    She literally has the elegance of a rhino. It will be insufferable.

    • JamiP

      The elegance of a rhino ?? I’m convinced she doesn’t know how to count to 8 anyway

  5. Britt

    I feel like it’s more because she wants to stay close to her 3 daughters that are still in high school.

  6. Hannah

    He’s such a loser – This marriage will be her karma! Just feel bad for the kids.

  7. Just ewww

    Controlling much Louie?

  8. Jessica

    I watch DWTS every season. This is not uncommon for pros to go where there celeb goes. If ppl are on tour or have events or need to be in NYC for hosting duties the pro goes with them. NJ has plenty of dance studios for them to practice.

    And as much as I do not like Louie there ARE many affairs that have happened in the past, however, definitely will not need to worry about Pasha when his wife is Daniella … she is smoking & they are so in love.

  9. Suz

    I haven’t watched in since Tyra…can we still cast votes? I say we just vote Tre off in week one! Problem solved.

  10. DWTS insider

    This is not true. She’s staying close to home to be near her daughters. Louie has no concerns with Pasha, he’s madly in love with Daniella. You’ll see them double dating in no time.


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