Long bridge has fallen?

Sep 8, 2022

There’s a rumor and that the palace did release a very serious statement about the Queen’shealth like 20 minutes ago. It’s not widely known but….


  1. Alison

    They have. I live in the Uk it’s all over the news. The royal family are travelling up to her now, she’s under medical supervision after the doctors have become concerned for her health

  2. Katie

    But what….?

  3. Peace

    It’s likely imminent. No announcements will be made before Charles and William get there no doubt.

    • Jj

      Apparently BBC are in black suites and have changed their header to black something that has been in place when the queen passes. They are waiting to make an announcement

  4. Help

    Maybe it is still too early, but what is this implying?

  5. .

    This cuts off after “it’s not widely known but…”

  6. Dubai

    Means the queen is really ill and she’s dying. They are bringing all her family in.

  7. Anon

    Isn’t it that all of the BBC broadcasters wear black that London has fallen? And I believe they have changed to black.

  8. RIP

    I feel like it’s implying that’s she’s already passed…

  9. Royal Correspondent

    When the Queen had covid, there wasn’t nearly as much to-do about it than this. We know she isn’t just ill and an announcement is imminent. I’m being made to prepare statements for businesses to share once the announcement we knownis coming is made.

  10. Royal Fan

    I don’t know if it’s a code name or just the secret name for all the plans that are already made in preparation of her death. So saying the London bridge has fallen means the Queen died. They have had all the plans set in place for a while.


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