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Sep 7, 2022

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Last year, RHONJ was supposed to premiere in December but they switched it with RHOC last minute – ratings showed no one cared about Heathers return. This year RHONJ finished filming even earlier than last year, and RHOC is only half way, but the same thing might happen since Bravo thinks the return of Tamra is a big deal. The cast is starting to get annoyed as they have to wait so long for their seasons to come out, even with better ratings, which also makes their filming schedule in the summer again. The wives would rather film in the winter/spring so they can enjoy the summers with their kids. RHONJ is the second highest franchise but gets treated terribly, and no it’s not because the husbands get paid ruining the budget – only Joe Gorga does. BravoCon will release the trailer of whatever premiere is next so guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. NJ fan

    Ugh why not just shoot them in order. I’m sure RHOC will be ready by the time RHONJ is close to done. I could give a flying fig about the OC. We NEED to see the wedding drama!!!

  2. love love love

    I miss the seasons of NJ that were filmed during the winter tbh – HELLO! CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Plus, I feel like they were way more fired up and ready to go during the winter rather than during the summer but that’s just little ol’ me. ??

    • Stop Stunting NJ

      Exactly I miss the Christmas and winter stuff they do

  3. MirE

    I loved when they filmed in the fall/winter so we could see the gorgeous east coast in some of its prime seasons. East coast is like the Midwest, we value our summer before we have to bundle up?

  4. DC Jersey Girl

    Agree 100% with NJ fan

  5. Jersey chick

    100% NJ Xmas episodes, beautiful decor and fights! Time to go back to the OG filming schedule

  6. Jersey Girl

    Give us Jersey NOW! The sooner the better!

  7. Not a Tamra Fan

    Tamra…barf. I actually might not watch because she is back. OC has been so lame. More ready for RHONJ than I have been in a long time. Give the fans the holiday gift they want….wedding drama!!!!

  8. Alana

    It’s the franchise that’s the most focused on families, so colder months make the most sense. I want to see the tacky Christmas trees, not trips to the Jersey shore.

  9. Gorga lover

    We all know Jersey will deliver as they always do! Why must we wait for whack ass OC to finish

  10. Kelly

    They need to release Jersey first and give us a longer season. These ladies deliver and the wedding drama, YES PLEASE! The seasons filmed around Christmas always had a different feel. We’ve seen the shore enough already!!!

  11. Lola

    We want to see Jersey at Christmas! I miss the Christmas episodes


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