This season’s major feud…

Sep 7, 2022

From: Miss Potomac

Subject: Charisse in RHOP7

Spill It to
Charrise is Karen’s major feud for the season. She joined a bit late into filming but instantly had the Grande Dame pressed because she had some information about the Huger institution which others didn’t know. To get the ball rolling Charisse made a shady dig at Karen’s wig, which Karen snipped but then Mia and Charisse got together to insult the La Dame wigs. Karen did not take well with the disrespect and threatened to sue when Charrise hinted at the secret which she has been sitting on. She is letting KAREN HAVE IT. It’s going to be explosive, Charrise is not letting up!

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  1. Katierostswig

    Can’t wait! Love Potomac!

  2. Titsmcgee

    I can’t wait for Potomac to be on so RHOBH can go die

  3. Drizzu

    The show was fine without her! She’s going to do to Potomac what Marlo did to Atlanta. Which is bring it to an unnecessary low thinking she’s doing something great! IMO…
    Charisse has been trying for a few years now to get back on the show guess it finally paid off.

  4. The Champagne Room

    I’m glad she’s back. She brought these ladies together and she deserves to be there.

  5. LaGrandDump

    Good! I don’t know why people seem to like Karen so much. She’s always thought she was better than everyone else. She needs to be taken off her pedestal.

  6. J

    Ugh no. Leave the grande dame alone.

  7. Rae

    Charisse has always been miserable.


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