Clearly a distraction…

Sep 7, 2022

From: Distraction

Subject: trying to distract us..

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Everything since bot gate is a distraction. Pulling out all the stops ahead of the reunion filming. It’s embarrassing and honestly there is no way they’ll be able to avoid talking about it. Especially since someone’s bringing the receipts!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Not Today

    I hope someone brings a binder and a flow chart to show how it’s all inter connected! If she thinks we are as dumb as her clearly she’s dumber than we thought.

  2. Just say'n

    Someone on Twitter said Rinna’s negotiating her contract. I think that too is a distraction hasn’t someone confirmed that contract s are not negotiated until after these reunions

  3. Just say'n

    And the nerve of Rinna’s daughter to say her mom is suffering mental stress. Please. The viewers suffer mental stress everytime she’s on the screen. You reap what you sow rinna

  4. Bring ALL the receipts!

    Oh man! I hope there is irrefutable proof! I’m dubious that there is but that would be epic!


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