It happened…

Sep 6, 2022

From a source:

It happened. Their reps are working together and saying it didn’t.


  1. Andrew

    The spit

  2. Pelo fan

    Harry styles spit?

  3. Sophie

    What the hell happened on set for Styles to be so disgusting??

    • Wrong direction

      Thank you. If true I think this time be the more disgusting thing to do to a person and shocked people are praising

      • Jo

        Omg why did Harry do that? Are they all high af as well as crazy on this movie or what?

  4. Cassie

    Chris Pine and Harry Styles?

  5. Matt

    Harry and Chris Pine

  6. Berlin Housewife

    I believe it. HS is a hyped brat. CP as a good actor who has been working in the biz very long must have been disgusted by the gossip around the movie & hype of non-actor HS. And as the cherry on top of the cake he spits on him. Chris must have been like wtf dude lol

  7. No it didn’t

    Honestly it’s so far fetched it can’t have really happened. People just wish it did

    • Blind bats

      Do you have eyes?!! I don’t understand how ppl can not see that he spit in his lap. You can see Harry’s face, his lips puckering when one spits, then the spit landing in Pine’s lap. You see Chris Pine looking at the spit as it’s landing on him and then see him pick up his glasses, away from the spit I assume and chuckle

  8. Wilson

    I felt like it was a joke. A gross one but still…surely he didn’t spit on him maliciously?! They both appeared to smirk after it was over.

    • TheFwasTHAT

      That was my immediate thought too…to me, it was clear that it did happen, and made more clear by everyone’s reaction. I then thought it looks like maybe they just had sort of a “brotherly” kind of rapport…? Who knows, freaking weird tho and my take on HS is NOT the same.

    • Namecalling?

      Does anyone catch very small mouth movements in both after the spit, as if saying something—likely unkind—to each other?! Am I seeing things?

  9. Really?

    Are people really this dumb and gullible to believe that a grown man would spit on someone in front of an entire festival audience knowing there were plenty of cameras there recording his every move? I mean, seriously??

    • C’mon

      Or how about it happened but on accident? I don’t think most people believe it was intentional.

      • Get real

        An accident???? How do you hock a lougie on accident like that?

        • Stacy

          It def is distracting from the Shia drama, OW/HS/JS divorce drama, Miss Flo drama….

        • You Can Get Real

          Does accidentally spitting require “hocking a lougie”? Hocking a lougie is deliberate. It could just be saliva making its way down as he was about to sit down.

    • Uhh

      Would you think a grown man would slap another man in front a crowd on live tv with millions of people watching?? Crazier things have happened! It’s not unbelievable that this could have happened haha

  10. Jessica

    I don’t think a movie has been more talked about before coming out. So much publicity

  11. Olivia

    Is your arm tired after that reach?

    • Eyes wide open

      No reach needed for spitzsy….just a pucker….it’s more convincing than the Hillary Clinton has lizard people video

  12. Mimi

    I watched a video from a different angle. No way he did it.

  13. Nana

    If it was false everyone would giggle… and move on….trying sooo hard to make it false…..therefor true!!! Like why would chris pine need to issue a statement on a non event!

    Harry was upset about the wonder woman films….like us all


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