Amid all the drama…

Sep 6, 2022

From a source:

Harry & Olivia are still a couple in spite of all the cast drama, rumors of a split are not true.


  1. harry no more

    This is disgusting to see someone who preaches that he’s against “toxic masculinity”. This will turn majority of his fan base against him & his career will fall down the toilet. Nothing positive about being w someone who contributes to abuse culture.

    • Boop

      LOL – you must not understand the Harry Stan’s. He can do no wrong. The obsession is real and unhealthy.

  2. GenieNotBottled

    She is constantly staring at him for attention He doesn’t look her way. One sided, doomed.

  3. Risa Linna

    So spit, but not split
    Got it! ?


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