Capture it…

Sep 5, 2022

Anon. Anon. Anon. She just posted a picture in her story of his failing business partner, getting engaged. He is still married and a total conman. Capture this for when they get arrested for illegal shit. Like Jen shah.


  1. Not a Tre huggger

    Teresa and Louie

  2. Leon Suggested

    Agreed. Capture this ☕️ as I am 1000% convinced that Teresa and that weirdo she married will be in the headlines within the next 3-5 years and the result will make her first conviction and punishment look like child’s play. I truly worry and have great empathy for her.

    • Not Sorry

      Don’t have empathy for her, she know exactly what she walked into.

      • Sue

        I have no empathy for Teresa! She wouldn’t listen to anyone that tried to warn her. Let the chips fall where they may!


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