Sep 4, 2022

Allegedly of course!

From: Food Server

Subject: DDD Disappointment

Spill It to
I saw you asked for food network tea. A few years ago I was a server at a place shown on Diners Drive ins and dives. As a fan of the show, I was super pumped!! We were given STRICT orders by production.. we weren’t allowed to talk to GXX FXXXX unless cameras were filming us. He walked in, did his thing, and walked out. The scenes when he talks to customers are sooo phony. He turns on the charm and turns it off with the flip of a switch. I was so disappointed.. can’t watch the show anymore knowing he’s just an actor and is actually a huge a$$

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  1. Katie

    This tracks. My husband met Guy Fieri several years back and said he was arrogant and very unfriendly. Definitely not like his on air persona.

  2. TripleDDD

    This tracks…I had a friend who worked at a restaurant that was on triple DDD and he said the same thing.

    • Take your trash can nachos and go home.

      Years ago his crew got in a bar brawl at a resort in Paradise Valley, AZ. I close friend of mine was the bar manager. One of the crew had my friend in a headlock. Police had to be called to the scene. It’s on record. This is a high end resort! I understand that this is a constant issue while traveling. They also broken elevators jumping inside of them. I’m in the restaurant and bar industry. I respect the money raised but the behavior is unacceptable.

  3. Thatwaswayharshtai

    I mean…he helped raise almost $25M for unemployed restaurant workers during COVID so I think asshole is a little harsh. Just because he came in and did his job and left? Haven’t we all had “days at the office” where all we want to do is leave? Celebrities have no obligation to be nice 100% of the time all the time. ?

    • Here for this comment

      He also does A LOT for many of the families and first responders of the fires in California. He now lives in the small town I grew up in and have heard nothing bad about him at all. Only the good he does with donating time, money and food to those who need it.

      • Pug Lover

        I ran into him in Lake Tahoe a while back. He was extremely friendly. He was there with his family and took time to talk to us and take pictures.

      • Not a nice guy

        This tracks. His from my home town and he’s great when the cameras are on, and everyone knows he’s great donating money, cooking for first responders. But when they aren’t on, he’s such a jerk. His workers in Sacramento came to a closed down restaurant with no notice. All his restaurants have closed down.

    • Trash Can Nachos

      I work a non-profit that raises funds for Industry people in need and we have raised the same amount of money. There’s no excuse for rudeness or bad behavior.

      • Your mom

        Yeah right… $25mil? I doubt it or you would’ve named the non-profit in your first post. How pathetic.

    • Shrimps

      Agree!! Give Guy a break

    • Jbu

      Doesn’t even seem like he’s nice 50% of the time. It’s not that hard to just be a kind person, no matter how much money you raise.

  4. Not on guy's pr team

    I talked to a restaurant owner where he recently filmed this summer, said he was super nice and personable. I imagine he is on a tight production schedule and chatting with staff and patrons would take up the whole day if not managed. He is a bit over the top to me but he is very philanthropic and donates a ton of $$…so his overall tv persona may not be who he really is he seems like he does good charitable work.

  5. Jelly Haltertop

    Justice for Guy! His plane made an emergency landing at my husband’s place of work earlier this year. Guy was extremely warm and friendly to everyone – he passed out T-shirts and took pics with anyone who asked. Our 10 year-old is a huge DDD fan, and my husband mentioned this (expecting nothing). Guy insisted on making a video for her, addressing her by name and all. She saw it after school and was both shocked and thrilled. It was amazing, and I’m now a fan for life.

  6. Triple G

    A family member works in production for Food Network/Discovery, and worked a few episodes with DD&D. They said he’s very VERY particular and it can definitely come off as a*hole ish if you don’t understand it. He wants his show to be absolute perfection and when he is making his show he is working and focused on working. Outside of the show being filmed he is super personable, super friendly, and extremely generous.

  7. Heidi

    My cousin sent me this months ago, he was at a concert!
    >> He was a first class jerk. He had a person clearing the way for him. Now we paid good money to be there and he was telling us to step aside. I doubt if he was even supposed to be in our area. He was rolling with 10 in 15 dudes who were also drunk?. I liked his show, but I won’t watch it any more.

    • Not today

      Hoped you didn’t move an inch for him

  8. Sasha

    I ran into him at the horse races. He was extremely friendly and took pictures with anyone who asked. He is VERY generous raising money for fire victims and for restaurant workers during covid.

  9. Kayla

    Had the opposite experience and he did DDD at a local restaurant. Super friendly and chatted with everyone. Helped the restaurant get a ton of notoriety/business too.

  10. IEatALot

    False! My husband was on one of his shows and I was a “dinner” on one of his shows. This sounds like he had a packed day of production and really had to get in and get out. Guy truly is a good, friendly, and caring person who does so much for small businesses and the community.

  11. How about YOU go feed people in a crisis

    I don’t care if you told me he boils and eats children. He does a LOT of charity work, including feeding firefighters during disasters. During the Campfire wildfire he had a whole van set up for like a week to feed those guys.

    Can’t tell me anything bad about him, sorry.

  12. Hakunamatata

    Fun fact. There is a guy who looks exactly like guy fieri in chicago. He’s also a chef. Guy Fieri found out about him and sent him a cease and desist. He didn’t win bc the chicago guy was doing his thing way before Guy Fieri. You can look it up. Chicago guy Fieri look a like

  13. DDD

    When I was in high school he came to my restaurant to film. He told my friend (in her cheer uniform) and I that we “could get a grown man in trouble around here”. Little creepy, definitely knows when to turn the charm on and off.

  14. Nice guy

    Met him over the summer in nh. He was really nice. Cant say the same for his crew mom with stroller behind them, they shut the door in my face. Special place in hell for guys like that

    He brings light to so many unknown restaurants and makes them gold mines. He can’t be all that bad. He is saving small businesses.

  15. This tracks!

    This definitely tracks! A local restaurant was on DDD and they have amazing food. They butted heads so much that when the show aired, GF wasn’t even shown. It was so bizarre, like the owner was talking to no one and it was a very short clip toward the end of an episode. Even with that, the owner & managers were very grateful for the exposure and never talked s*** about him once. The wait staff on the other hand would tell regulars about it and those who know the owner could tell something was “off” when it aired.


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