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Sep 4, 2022

Also my neighbor was in Greece sitting next to the Bravo newlyweds at dinner … said he was bragging about gaining 30k followers post wedding ???

black background with the word allegedly written on it in cursive and the @bravoandcocktails_ tag below it


  1. Jk

    UGH ?

  2. Carol

    The fact that Teresa doesn’t see he’s only in it for the money is sad. And I don’t like feeling sorry for her.

  3. Rae


  4. AmITeamLouie?

    To be the red flag advocate i think any person would be excited about this and be stoked to tell their partner

    • GabriellaDoesntWantTheFollowers

      Well T also claimed ”he doesn’t even want to be on he show!!!!!!” trying to make it seem like he was a publicity whore. But he sure is giddy about all these new followers for someone who doesn’t care about being famous

  5. Bravofan

    And yet Tre still didn’t get a prenup???

  6. Polly Pocket

    Why won’t people just let them be. They’re clearly made for each other. Just because someone isn’t for you doesn’t mean they’re not for anyone else either. They’re basically the same person. Self indulgent, narcissistic and not that intelligent but they make each other happy! Let it be lol

  7. Erika

    Who’s the joker that sent this in? I’m not so sure I believe this but oh well.


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