He’s on the show…

Sep 2, 2022

Her son will be on the show. He’s actually in LA now, they’ll film more of him now that he hooked up with one of the cast mates. Allegedly.


  1. Sheryll Zapata

    Garcelles son Oliver?

  2. Garcelle Jr

    Oliver, Garcelle’s son. And if course they want him on. This type of thing brings in ratings. All the things that make someone look terrible do. Definitely a bad look, and kinda pathetic given he is married.

  3. Badbunny

    The wife didn’t say he wasn’t on the show. She just said he’s not a cast member.

  4. Quid Pro Quo

    LVP buying Garcelle’s allegiance for her return to RHOBH by having her son on the show.

  5. Nope

    That’s what I’m curious about…is Garcelle putting her son up to this to help him out, or is LVP using Garcelle for ratings??

    • Occam’s razor

      …or, as a fully grown 30 year old man, is Oliver making his own poor choices?

      • Lauren

        Why is it always everyone else’s fault? He’s a grown man, he makes his own decisions.

  6. Tee

    On one of the messages his wife shared she says she paid for music, podcasts etc. So to me Oliver is wanting some screen time however he gets it. With or without his mam pushing for it


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