Reaching for drama…

Sep 1, 2022

From: Selling Sunset

Subject: Reaching for drama!

Spill It to
With the villain gone the ladies are struggling for storylines. Expect them to make cryptic posts on social media, manufacturer some DrAMa about listings etc. truth is without the one lady they all wanted gone there just isn’t much juicy stuff happening. Hope they can get it together or their competition show on the same network in the town over is sure to steal their shine!

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  1. IRu

    Selling Sunset

  2. Jess

    Let’s be honest, they were reaching before. It’s clear there aren’t any authentic story lines on this show

  3. MaryMary

    Chrishelle’s middle name is drama but it’s getting boring quick!!! Boohoo-i want a family-oh wait, filming’s over so now I don’t have to have a family right away-show more Amanza!!! And no one wants to see a middle aged rich dude with a model young enough to be his kid ?

  4. Sorry not sorry

    NOT GUNNA LIEEEEE… I thought the same thing once Christine announced her exit. She’s evil but made for good tv ???

  5. not on the market

    Seriously. The only other drama was boss twin breaking up with chrishell, which took all of 4 episodes to get to?

  6. Mary’s buggin

    Chrishell my middle name is fake drama-stop making sh*t up like being desperate to start a family when cameras are rolling-how about calling out ur ex for dating someone 1/2 his age after saying u were the love of his life-you are all fake!!!

  7. MaryMary

    Like j reaching to kiss his new gf


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