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Sep 1, 2022

From: Anon

Subject: Why she needs her own space…

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Isn’t it curious that she always needs to stay at her own hotel?! I mean sure we can chalk it up to being rich and fancy….

Or we can just call it what it is. It IS about the pasta!

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  1. Yasin

    You guys think she’s doing drugs lmao omfg

  2. Fresh powder

    Seriously!! She couldn’t stop licking her lips and rubbing her nose – all that fresh powder in Aspen 😉

  3. Stacy

    And a nose bleed

    • Acelady

      This was the first thing I thought when she said nosebleed! I think Garcellw did too, the way she said oh really

  4. Haley

    It was the nose bleed that sealed the deal for me.

  5. SDJ

    Gee , it’s not uncommon to get nosebleeds at higher elevation.

  6. Snow makes you skinny

    I’ve been saying this from day one of licking her lips CONSTANTLY!!! She, obviously, wanted to lose that baby weight quickly! She likes being her regular skinny self, so she’s snorting some “snow candy”

  7. Chapstick in CO

    You gotta do better than nose bleeds and licking lips IN COLORADO…’s ridiculously dry there and people not used to it get nose bleeds and lips are crazy dry. Ask any Colorado native….dry lips and nosebleeds. Eh….

    White powder on your nose….diff story

    I would love to dump on these woman….but I’m from CO and chapped lips are just par for course


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