Aug 31, 2022

Timing is everything. Reunion slated for next week. All the news coming to light is purposeful. Distract. Intimidate. But it’s everyone for themselves with the messy ones, they all have themselves to worry about and the alliances have FLOWN out the window.

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  1. Asher’s vocal runs

    Yes Ms Diana is showing her (kinda) veiled threat should someone bring up THAT book and THAT rumor about it at the reunion.
    Andy better come out strong with these women.

  2. Over ITTTTTT

    Dear Bravo- stop hiring problematic women that run from their problematic truths and then try to sue fans. Lots are asking Is the Housewives run over??


    • Do Better

      I miss when the housewives franchise was about rich, amazing women and their lavish lifestyles. Now it’s all about who can bring the most drama. It’s disappointing.

      • Bravo fan from the beginning

        I couldn’t agree more. The story lines are so contrived. Nothing is organic anymore.

      • HWShouldBeFun

        We’ve been saying this all year! Bring back the fun in all the shows. We need to see these ladies falling in a bush and washing chicken with soap

      • Jessica

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Tina

        Agree!! 100%

      • Preach

        Yesss!!! That is why I tuned in. I want to live vicariously through their spending and travel and parties. I know Covid put a damper on a lot of that but still. All the drinking and drama gets old.

        • Tired

          Exactly. And the faux force bitches are honestly vial and are giving Bravo a bad name.

  3. Alina

    They should be. They are all disgusting except Sutton, Garcelle, Crystal and Kathy!

  4. Diana J is hoe

    I hope Sutton calls her put on it! Put that C in her place!

  5. Carol

    I’ve seriously watched Kyle manhandle Sutton at least 3 times, how is that acceptable?

  6. This is their only paycheck

    Is it a thought for people to boycott watching BH? Honestly? Not watching the peaky gang or giving them views and then getting the confirm from the insta highlights that it was indeed another week of their tacky money brags, bullying, or desperation is maybe the only way to “cleanse the house”?

  7. Tired of mean girls in Ohio

    My biggest problem with this season is they added yet another Erika, Rinna, Kyle and Dorit member by adding Diana. Why the heck not try to throw Sutton and Garcelle a bone and not add yet another mean girl ally. Not to mention literally no one can pay attention to anything Diana is saying with all the lip licking. How production didn’t stop filming her mid season with all of that nonsense is beyond me.


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