No congratulations?!

Aug 30, 2022

From: Summer House

Subject: No congratulations?!

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I’m sure you’ve noticed and not sure if anyone sent anything in BUT there is a reason why her bestie hasn’t posted anything. Just wait. It’ll make for a great season is all I can share at this point. Wowza!!!

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  1. Alexxxx

    Did Danielle and Linds have a falling out?

  2. Loverboy

    Danielle and Lindsay

  3. Diva55

    Danielle and Lindsey

    • Ctbravo

      Interesting….Lindsey has always been problematic. I would find it hard to believe she has completely changed her tune. Danielle has always been mature and level headed…..

  4. Wirkus Girl

    Danielle —- she was “late” with her birthday post too. Hmmm…

  5. Sandwich Queen

    She liked the engagement post so I’m guessing it’s not that bad of a falling out if there was one.


      Yeah, who cares. Let’s just eat sandwiches and be Happy.

  6. Sandwich eater

    They were all seen celebrating Lindsay at the engagement party afterwards though! The leaked footage before the announcement was made public

    • No posts from any of the cast

      It was being filmed for summer house (naturally Lindsey was not going to let that happen off camera – PR queen) so the cast had to be there. Not saying they didn’t want to be there, but definitely doesn’t mean all is well just because they were there.

  7. Barbara Jason

    Danielle knows all of Lindsay’s secrets. Lindsay better be careful. She won’t get away with her suspect timelines forever.

    • QueenVee123

      What does that mean timelines?!? Please explain want The tea lol

      • Barbara

        We will see if Jason clears one of those timelines up on Winterhouse. Who she was with the night of Kymanda’s wedding might clear up one of the other discrepancies.

        • Duh

          She was single at that time so who care who she was with.

    • TeamAndrea

      Okay Barbara. Lindsay is a Queen and is fine.

  8. I Noticed

    Very few congrats messages from the fast it seems…

  9. Hk

    Duh, Lindsey was never a girls girl she was friends with Danielle bc she needed a storyline, now she has Carl….so Danielle was booted to the side

    • TeamHubbs

      it’s LINDSAY and shut up, hater! Danielle is probably jealous because her man doesn’t want to get married. Plus, she’s always had a crush on Carl….look at previous seasons.
      Lindsay and Carl deserve all the happiness and MORE.

      • carl has no personality

        Danielle literally dates Carl first and her bestie started hooking up with him even though she said it made her uncomfortable ? lindsay stans are insane

        • Luz

          Danielle “literally ” is dating someone how many years now? Grow up.

      • Lind SAY

        Take your Xanax and cocktail and chill!

        Lindsey Lindsay lindzeee

    • Lindsay’s unmade sandwich

      I love Hubhouse on the show but she seems like an awful friend. She seems like she’s totally DICKS before chicks.

  10. Not a Lindsey fan

    Saw the last BC post about why no congrats (tho I think it was deleted) and honestly, good for Danielle. Lindsey is toxic.

    • J

      I’m curious to know what was deleted

  11. Rosé is still booze, even at work

    How is this marriage going to work when one of you is frequently drunk before noon, and the other is sober?

    • Neep

      Isnt codependency key for successfully f*cked up relationships? We all need one sober person to argue w the drunk and drive them home….duh!

      Jk. Totally agree w you. Pre marital counseling anyone?

    • loverboy

      lindsay stopped drinking for several months when she was freezing her eggs. she definitely seems to have a better relationship with alcohol and may still be sober we don’t know

      • Rosé revealer

        I know for sure that she isn’t. I met someone who worked on a shoot with her recently, by 11am she was wasted and drinking rosé like it was water. This was less than a month ago

  12. Ashley

    Carl this might be a ? ?


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