The victim narrative…

Aug 29, 2022


From: BH Victims

Subject: the Victim narrative

Spill It to

All of the ladies plan to use the victim narrative. We’ve seen some of it play out on social media already. Expect them to come to the reunion and say THEIR children have been attacked before and after her (minor) son was targeted by bots. There will be deflecting and lies as per usual. But we here production IS NOT having it!


  1. Mari

    Rinnas latest story is so disgusting. Saying she took down Bravos response because she’s ridding her page of negativity and it means nothing. When she’s been nothing but negative on social media for years. The racism in that is blinding. They’re ? trying to play victim now and it’s gross.

    • Haze

      I agree with this wholeheartedly and have adored Bravo shows. I’m crushed it’s been allowed and ignored for so long. It’s the harsh reality.

    • Over It

      This! I don’t understand how the other women don’t see when they deflect and say “this happens to my kids too” it’s minimizing the very different experience Garcelle’s son is having as a black male. Honestly the way the 3 punky blinders are acting screams racism to me.

  2. karl

    Good i cant wait to see it!

  3. bring the receipts ladies

    Bunch of lairs -you can see Jax’s ladies show your kids socials then

  4. Titsmcgee

    If this is going to be the narrative and Andy doesn’t call them out, don’t bother filming the damn reunion. Your adult children do not equate to a 14 y/o being threatened with violence. I have yet to see the other HWs children threatened with violence and racism so publicly

  5. BHStan

    But it happened to Kyle’s daughter too, and nobody seemed to care? Her daughter is Mexican/Jewish, if you don’t think she’s received racist threats you’re highly mistaken.

    • Call it like a see it

      Kyle? Is this you?

    • Dixcgirl

      What happened to Porsha? Please explain as I have somehow missed it.

    • Chill

      BHStan couldn’t agree more. There needs to be blanket protection for ALL kids being targeted, regardless of the nature of the comments, its targeted harassment nonetheless.

  6. Derry

    Even if any HW’s AREN’T responsible for this, they should be worried to see that the fans think they ARE capable of it, based on their weekly display of high school, mean-girl behavior. Yeah, that’s what we think of you.

  7. Just say'n

    If they’re so innocent then why doesn’t Diana ( since erika and rinna are broke) offer to pay for the forensic evidence to be done to clear their names. Just say’n

    • Watched them all from the beginning

      I’ve been wondering about this. Is that something that can be done? Even if they trace the source, can they find out who paid for it? I don’t think so but if that is possible, Bravo should pony up for it. Otherwise it could have a chill effect for future housewife candidates who have children not wanting to go on the show if there is no accountability.

      Whataboutism sucks and so does online harassment but I seriously doubt anything send to their kids rises to the level of the knee on neck comment sent to Jax. That is heinous.

    • Chill

      Why should she? If Bravo were a supportive employer, they should do it if they truly cared.


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