About the country split….

Aug 29, 2022

Grew up with her. Her mom is VERY toxic and she had cut her out but she’s back in the picture so I’d imagine mommy dearest had her hands in this ?‍?

Her parents had a crazy toxic marriage, got divorced, her mom moved her to nashville so she could momager her. When people said they’ve “been in counseling for years” it 1000 tracks for me that her parents would have really messed her up when it comes to love and life. Sad sad sad.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Bro

    Miley ?!?

    • Grace

      No she’s not country ?

  2. Jeanie D

    Kellsie & Morgan

  3. MM

    This is all entirely public information that Kelsea talks about often. She and Morgan were both in therapy and couples counseling and she’s aware she doesn’t understand real love or happiness. It’s awfully sad.

    • Heather

      Taylor Swift


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